These US states are the most vulnerable to climate change

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The complaint was made in a letter last week to the New Jersey division of gaming enforcement on behalf of unnamed private investigators, Bloomberg reported website The law firm, Calcagni & Kanefsky LLP, did not respond to requests for comment outside business hours.

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The Bloomberg report said the investigators, retained by a U.S.-based competitor of Evolution, recorded themselves playing games through internet addresses in Singapore and Hong Kong, where online betting is banned.

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While Evolution holds back its games from countries on sanction lists, the complaint raises questions and could draw increased focus from regulators, which is not positive, Pareto Securities analyst Marlon Värnik said.

But some places are already bearing more of the brunt than others. In the US, a number of states are particularly vulnerable to climate change, putting them at a greater risk for disasters that will impact everything from physical safety and lifespan to property and assets. 

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The summer of 2021 was environmentally disastrous. Flash flooding in New Jersey and New York brought on by hurricanes Henri killed dozens across states and . Historic, triple-digit heat waves and severe droughts disrupted water, food and electrical production across the Northwest. Wildfires in California and Oregon fueled by record-breaking heat and severe droughts burned 1.6 million acres.

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Today, about 840,000 Texans are already especially vulnerable to heatstroke, exhaustion and dehydration. Primary public health risks: Already-hot Texas is getting even hotter. Stronger Atlantic hurricanes also elevate the risk of injury and death in the state. Texas is home to nine of the hottest cities in the US, with McAllen taking second slot as the hottest city in the US after Miami. Dangerous heat days will increase from 60 to 115 per year by 2050 according to Climate Central’s data.

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King tide-driven floods can destroy personal property, including homes, as sea levels rise around the state. Other key risks: California contains some of the highest-risk homes in the entire US. Wildfires and smoke from fires also cause irreparable damage. 

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