Women’s Weight Gain – A Quick Introduction To Weight Gain In Skinny Women

This person desperately wanted to gain weight and every time I saw him the gym he had some excuse as to why it wasn’t going his way. And it was usually related to his metabolism.

For some, gaining weight is much like losing weight. It takes lots of hard work and determination to get where you want to be. The first step is to set goals for yourself. The important part of this is to make sure that these goals are realistic. Start a hard gainers program and begin with small steps and set goals which will be fairly easy to reach. When you set goals that are too high you are setting yourself up for failure which in turn leads to disappointment when you are unsuccessful in reaching these goals.

Let fast weight gain me repeat that! These foods make you fat, and invite disease into your body! Why would anybody, in their right mind, eat these foods on a daily basis?

Gaining weight isn’t your cue to eat everything under the sun. In order to gain weight, lean mass and not get fat, you need to eat just over what you body needs to maintain. In this manner, you’ll provide your body with all the calories it needs to build muscle but you won’t give it so much as it stores the excess as fat.

The last and sometimes most difficult necessity for teenagers to gain weight is rest. Sleep is when your body recovers and synthesizes new muscle tissue. Growth hormone levels increase during REM sleep which is another powerful muscle building hormone. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels and cortisol is a muscle destroying hormone that can add fat to the waistline. Have you ever seen a skinny guy with a fat belly? That is probably due to excess cortisol. It does the opposite of testosterone by metabolizing muscle and adding fat to the belly. Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep and 10 is even better for active teens. This means staying up until 3am to play Halo 3 with your pals is going to hurt you unless you can sleep until noon.

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